How To Get 7% BodyFat Fast – The Best Way To Get Shredded

3000 calorie diet

We all have the same question in mind, how to lose weight fast and get shredded at the same time! Here is our guide to 7% BodyFat.

Well, how many of you have been struggling with your diet lately? You are probably doing what everyone else is doing which is a mix of tasteless diet, hardcore weightlifting sessions and of course endless cardio.

Did you know that your approach to losing weight is the worth method ever! That will lead to so many downsides such as cravings, muscle loss, fatigue and mood change.

Honestly, it does not have to be like that! It only takes a bit of knowledge and that's it. Once you know how to eat properly and make the right choices, you will be able to eat what you like, lose weight and maintain strength.

Now, if you would like to know how to lose weight quickly and get shredded, you need to know where to start and do the right things from the beginning.

A Chiseled Body At 7% BodyFat, It's All about Calories

You probably already know that losing fat requires to feed your body with less calories that it actually burns. This is called Calorie Deficit.

Nowadays, lots of people are saying that calorie counting is not really the best way to lose fat and to do so, you should focus on quality food. Wrong! Of course it is important to eat quality and organic food if possible for better health but this is not the main factor.


For years, calorie deficit has been the number one factor of successful fat loss and weight loss.

For example, you want to lose weight and you start counting your calories. At the end of the day, you realize that you've been eating 3000 calories and it has been the same routine for months.

Logically, if you slowly decrease the number of calories, you will lose weight. Makesens?

By the way, if you are looking for a macro and calorie tracker app, we just wrote an article about it. Check it out here.

The Mcdonald's diet

It was a bit more than a year ago, a man called John Cisna, a high school science teacher, claimed that he lost weight eating mcdonald's for 90 days.

We are not saying that eating Mcdonald's is the healthiest choice ever but actually if you are on a calorie deficit while eating burgers, that will work too!

Let's say you are currently eating 2500 calories a day. A big mac is around 260 calories. Imagine that your calorie deficit is about 2200 calories.
That means you could eat 8 big macs to get your daily calorie intake of 2200 calories. Crazy hey!

mcdonald's diet how to get shredded

No seriously, we don't want you to start eating mcdonald's every day, that was an example!

There is another important factor that will determine how much fat or weight you will lose. It's called macronutrient ratio. Basically, it is the amount of fat,protein and carbohydrates you need daily and of course matching your total calories.

Let's have a look on how to calculate your daily total energy expenditure or the average calories burned per day.

What is TDEE? Formula for Weight Loss

TDEE stands for Total Daily Energy Expenditure or how much energy you are burning every day.
There are multiple free app to help you with that if you want to do it quickly or simply have a look below, we give you the step-by-step process.

1) First of all, you need to know your BMR or your basal metabolic rate which is how much energy your body burns every day excluding exercise or the amount of energy you need while resting. The BMR decreases with age and increases with muscle mass.

The most commonly used method is the Mifflin - St Jeor equation :

For man : BMR = 10 * weight(kg) + 6.25 * height(cm) - 5 * age(y) + 5
For woman : BMR = 10 * weight(kg) + 6.25 * height(cm) - 5 * age(y) - 161

Example : BMR = 10 * 73KG + 6.25 * 170CM – 5 * 27 + 5 = 1652.5

2) Now that you have your BMR, let's get your daily total energy expenditure

Here is the most common TDEE formula
Light Activity / 1-3 hours per week : TDEE = BMR * 1.2
Moderate Activity / 4-6 hours per week : TDEE = BMR * 1.35
Heavy / 6+ hours per week : TDEE = BMR * 1.5

Using the example above for a moderate activity level : TDEE = 1652.5 * 1.35 = 2231.

3) Lose one pound a week!

In order to lose fat fast, take 80% of your TDEE, that will create a medium calorie deficit in order to lose 1-1.5lbs a week.

Example: 2231 x 80% = 1785 calories daily.

On the other side, if you would like to gain mass, you can increase your calories by 200-300 based on your maintenance level.

Example: 2231 + 200 = 2431.

Keep in mind that all lifestyle are not created equal. For example, a builder will have a higherenergy expenditure during the day than an office worker. You will probably have to do someadjustments to make it perfect but this will become more obvious once you get started. Also, if you are serious about your weight loss I will recommend you to do a DEXA Scan which is the most accurate method to know your bodyfat percentage. From that, you will be able to accurately determine your daily calories intake.

Your protein intake

Keep a protein intake of 40% of your total calories if you are eating on a deficit. A high protein intake will keep you full longer.

So, as we mentioned previously, if you are on 1785 calories daily, simply multiply this number by 0.4.
1785 x 0.4 = 714 calories of protein.

You have 4 calories per gram of protein: 714 / 4 = 179g of protein per day.

Your fat intake

Take 40% of your total calories for the fat intake. Use the same process then for your protein.
We take daily total calories of 1785 and multiply by 0.4: 1785 x 0.4 = 714.

You have 9 calories per gram, so: 714 / 9 = 79g of fat per day.

Your carbohydrates intake

Take 20% of your total calories for the carbohydrates intake. We take daily total calories of 1785 and multiply by 0.2: 1785 x 0.2 = 357.

Then divide this number by 4 (4 calories per gram of carbohydrates): 357 / 4 = 89g.
89g of carbohydrates per day.

We now have:
Calories = 1785
Protein = 179 grams
Fats = 79 grams
Carbohydrates = 89 grams

The Home Fitness Insider Eating Strategy

Great! now that you have your daily calorie and macros you need a meal plan.

It really depends on how many meals you want to include in your day. You could have 5, 4 or even 3 meals.

However, stay on a 5 meal per dayincluding: 3 mains - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 2 snacks.

7% Body Fat Fast

Some of you will probably be skeptical about having 5 meals a day and you will think that is hard to maintain.

The truth is as long as you hit your daily macros, results will definitely show, so don’t worry about the numbers of meal you have per day at the moment.

To make it simple, let’s take 3 meals a day, 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner and 2 snacks.
Breakfast will take 25% of your daily intake of 1785 calories, Lunch 30%, Dinner 25% and both snacks 20%

Note: You can play around with these numbers.

1785 x 0,25 = 446 calories
Protein: 179 x 0,25 = 45g
Fats: 79 x 0,25 = 20g
Carbohydrates: 89 x 0,25 = 22g

1785x 0,30 = 536 calories
P: 179 x 0,3 = 54g
F: 79 x 0,3 = 24g
C: 89 x 0,3 = 27g

1785 x 0,25 = 446 calories
Protein: 179 x 0,25 = 45g
Fats: 79 x 0,25 = 20g
Carbohydrates: 89 x 0,25 = 22g
Snack/Small Meal:
1785 x 0,2 = 357 calories
Protein: 179 x 0,2 = 36g
Fats: 79 x 0,2 = 16g
Carbohydrates: 89 x 0,2 = 18g

Now that you have your numbers, remember you can never be 100% accurate so keep things as simple as possible and do not obsess with small details.

Using your own macronutrients breakdown, start looking at the nutrition facts onfood package, use a scale to reach the right amount of food you need for your lunch/dinner and snack/small meal.

Example of the ProHomeGym Eating Strategy for a 160lbs/73kg male on a calorie deficit (1785 calories).

1 apple
3 whole eggs + 2 whites
100g cottage cheese

250g chicken breast
50g avocado
100g brown rice
100g broccoli

150g yellow ne tuna
150g broccoli
100g brown rice

200g 0% greek yogurt
30g almonds

- we kept a margin of error of around 100 calories
- refer to THE FOOD LIST AND NUTRITION FACTS below to calculate the right amount of food you need into your own eating plan.
- if you want to maintain your weight simply use the same process as above but with your
maintenance daily calorie intake.

Food List & Nutrition Facts


Plain Greek Yogurt 0%: 100g - 53 calories/Fat: 0g/Carbs: 4g/Protein: 10g
Cottage Cheese: 100g - 103 calories/Fat: 4g/Carbs: 3g/Protein: 12g
Eggs: 1 medium - 65 cal/Fat: 4g/Carbs: 0g/Protein: 6g

Ground Beef(5% fat): 100g - 195cal/Fat: 7g/Carbs: 0g/Protein: 30g
Pork Chops: 100g - 144cal/Fat: 6g/Carbs: 0g/Protein: 21g
Chicken Breast: 100g - 137cal/Fat: 5g/Carbs: 0g/Protein: 21g
Turkey Breast: 100g - 104cal/Fat: 2g/Carbs: 4g/Protei: 17g

Yellown Tuna: 100g - 108cal/Fat: 1g/Carbs: 0g/Protein: 24g
Salmon: 100g - 146cal/Fat: 6g/Carbs: 0g/protein: 22g
Cod Fish: 100g - 211cal/Fat: 11g/Carbs: 8g/Protein: 19g
Tilapia: 100g - 96cal/Fat: 2g/Carbs: 0g/Protein: 20g

Soba Noodles: 100g - 99cal/Fat: 0g/Carbs: 21g/Protein: 5g
Quinoa: 100g - 143cal/Fat: 2g/Carbs: 26g:Protein: 5g
Tofu: 100g - 62cal/Fat: 3g/Carbs: 2g/Protein: 7g

Main sources of Carbohydrates
Brown Rice: 100g - 110cal/Fat: 1g/Carbs: 23g/Protein: 8g
Wholegrain Pasta: 100g - 86cal/Fat: 0g/Carbs: 20g/Protein: 8g
Sweet Potatoes: 100g - 86cal/Fat: 0g/Carbs: 20g/Protein: 2g
Potatoes: 100g - 77cal/Fat: 0g/Carbs: 18g/Protein: 2g

Healthy Fats
Avocado: 100g - 160cal/Fat: 15g/Carbs: 9g/Protein: 2g
Almonds: 100g - 578cal/Fat: 50g/Carbs: 20g/Protein: 21g
Cashew Nuts: 100g - 553cal/Fat: 44g/Carbs: 30g/Protein: 18g
Brazil Nuts: 100g - 656cal/Fat: 66g/Carbs: 12g/Protein: 14g
Olive Oil: 100g - 884cal/Fat: 100g/Carbs: 0g/Protein: 0g
Coconut Oil: 100g - 862cal/Fat: 100g/Carbs: 0g/Protein: 0g
Apple: 1 medium - 72cal/Fat: 0g/Carbs: 20g/Protein: 0g
Pineapple: 100g - 48cal/Fat: 0g/Carbs: 13g/Protein: 0g
Pear: 1 medium - 96cal/Fat: 0g/Carbs: 26g/Protein: 0g
Orange: 1 medium - 62cal/Fat: 0g/Carbs: 15g/Protein: 1g
Banana: 1 medium - 105cal/Fat: 0g/Carbs: 27g/Protein: 1g


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