From Weak To Beast – The Beginner Bodyweight Foundation Workout

best beginner bodyweight workout


I am sure you will agree with me, there are too many workouts out there right now! You don't know where to start?

We have listed the 10 Best Bodyweight Exercises ​into a Complete Beginner Bodyweight Workout. If you like it, share it! 

Simple And Effective - The Ultimate Beginner Bodyweight Workout 2017

Getting that athletic look, attaining your workouts goals, and finishing with a well-built body doesn’t have to be a tortuous endeavor!

Essentially, you are focused on being physically fit without buying the many lies, myths and half-truths out there.

But look! There’s no need to spend hours at the gym, working on the dumbbells, squat rack or endless reps.


You don’t even have to find a premium gym subscription and hire an award-winning fitness instructor, according to Men’sHealth and studies, notably Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

A 45-minute bodyweight workout that make use of the best upper and lower-body muscles is far much better, functional and natural than lifting pounds at the gym.

There’s no magic, and you won’t even have to pop in a dose of those pills and steroids.

Bet you’ll want to know which workout moves are perfect - what this post is mainly meant for. Well, you are lucky because I have teamed up with expert bodyweight exercises instructors to give you the ten best workouts.


1. Eccentric Chin Ups

Would you like to make massive gains in strength using the weight of your body?

Try Eccentric Chin Up, a form of exercise that entails grabbing a chin-up bar using your palms and working out to benefit the chest, shoulder, upper back and both triceps and biceps muscles.

No need for specific equipment. You can use a simple flat bar, you can find it anywhere or a power tower.

eccentric chin up


How to perform

With vigor, pull yourself up till your chin is level with the bar. Lower yourself gradually to the starting position so that you can start again. When lowering yourself count 5 seconds, stop at the bottom for 1 second and come back up with power.

2. Triceps Bench Dips

Building fuller, more developed triceps muscles will turn your arms into shotguns, according to BJ Gaddour of the Men’s Health.

It isn’t only because they comprise over two-thirds of the upper arm weight, but also since you need them for push-up and bench press.

triceps bench dips


How to perform

On a flat bench or chair, lie back and lift the bar off the rack so that you can hold it over your chest. As you breathe in, lower it gradually until the bar touches your chest.

After a brief pause, lift it up to the starting position. Do it severally before returning it back to the rack.


3. Pull Up

This form of exercises is best focused on building your back area and rear shoulder. Often termed the best bodyweight exercise.

And thus, with this exercise, the main benefit is you don't need specialized equipment to start. Just a flat bar, a dip stand power tower or a wall you can hang on!

pull up


How to perform

As your palms face away from you and your hands comfortably extended, grab the bar and lift yourself up till your chin is level with the bar. Lower under control back to your starting position before going back up again.

4. Inverted Row

It’s a bit like standard pull-ups, only that the bar lies low and there’s no lifting of the body off the ground.

Australian Pull-ups are perfect for substituting or complementing the quintessential pull-up exercises.

The fact that you can do them in your home at home is even more incredible. 

You can use a rope, a parallette dip station or even a broom handle with 2 chairs.

inverted row australian pull up


How to perform

Since there’s no lifting up of the body, you have to hold the bar and lean backward so that the bar is right above your chest. You then focus on moving towards it and then back away from it.


5. Push Up

Possibly the best PUSHING exercise for bodyweight workouts, Push-ups (or press-ups) ideal for building the chest and triceps as well as the core.

Push Up


How to perform

As you lie facing the floor, keep your back straight and the palms and toes beneath the shoulders. raise your body until the hands are straight. Thereafter, lower it gradually until the chest is an inch from the floor.

6. Dips

In bodyweight strength training, the dip trains the triceps, upper and lower chest.

It’s primarily a modern form of push exercise and perfect because it suits everyone.

​You can perform bar dips on chair, power tower or dip station.

bar dips


How to perform

First, there must be two sturdy parallel bars to be held at arm's length. After holding with energy, hung yourself on them and lower the body slowly as your torso leans forward and the elbows flared out. When you feel a stretch on your chest, return to your starting position. Do it repeatedly.


7. Plank

When you are looking to strengthen your core and the upper and lower body, one perfect exercise is Plank.

No special equipment is required, and your muscles will be stretched to enhance your posture.



How to perform

First get into a pushup position with bent elbows so that your body rests on the forearms. Ensure that your body is straight from the ankles to the shoulders. Hold this position for a predetermined time frame.

8. Bicycle Crunches

There’s no better kind of exercise to build core strength and tone the thighs than using Bicycle Crunches.

It can be done anywhere and at any time. What’s more, this exercise type engages all lower-body muscles.

bicycle cruch


How to perform

Lie flat and ensure that your back is pressed into the floor and then place your hands on each side of your head and lift it up a bit. Lifting your knees to 45 degrees from the floor, imitate a bicycle pedaling motion, alternating the two legs.


9. Bulgarian Split Squat

With a primary focus on the quads, glutes, and hamstrings, a single-leg strength exercise terrifically improves lower-body mass and hip mobility. 

When done with dumbbells, Bulgarian Split squats does a lot in building leg strength and volume. 

Toned up booty? This si the one!

bulgarian split squat


How to perform

Stand with one foot resting on a bench and another on the floor and lift two dumbbells and begin lowering the hip towards the floor. As the rear knee touches the floor, pause and slowly start returning up.

10. Jump Squat

Jump squats are perfect for building explosive power, conditioning the joints and muscles and increasing the height of an upward leap.

This form of exercise will work for any level of fitness.

If you cannot jump just do a regular squat.

jump squat


How to perform

Just stand upright with your feet an inch apart and then lower down to do a regular squat. After that, engage your core before shooting up explosively. You will land and then lower the body down to the squat position to do a complete rep. As you rise up and land, use your hand movements to jump squats with more energy.

Last Words

There are way too many exercises to help you attain your fitness goals, and the best thing about almost all of them is, they practically require no special equipment.

What’s even incredible is, you can do all these exercises alone and at home - Lunges, Bridges, Calf Raises and Squats, and reach your fitness goals. The videos serve as an inspiration, but PLAIN AND SIMPLE, everything here is DOABLE!

Wait!! Here is the infographic. Feel Free to share!

Best Full Body Beginner Bodyweight Workout 2017


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