Best Gymnastic Rings 2017

Would you like to build strength for maximum muscle gains?

When setting up a home gym, one of the most versatile and efficient gym equipment that should be included into your list is gymnastic rings. For those who know a little bit more about this training tool, I am sure you understand why I decided to review them.

Gymnastic Rings are essential if you are planning to train using your bodyweight most of the time combined with some other fitness equipments we reviewed previously like power rack, power tower or parallette bars - which are the best home gym equipment to pair with your rings.

best gymnastic rings 2017

In fact, it is the physique of a gymnast that further highlights why these rings are a must-have if you want to build serious strength.
Packing up those huge muscles gets easier when you have the best product. Wood Gymnastic rings are becoming more popular due to the Calisthenics and Crossfit training methods. They are proving to be one of the best fitness equipment, a must-have.

Once again I will review the very best gymnastic rings into a meaningful guide listing my favorite top 4 that I've been using before and still training with right now.

If you are looking to build a gymnast body and long term superhuman strength, I strongly recommend you to take the step and buy a pair of rings for your bodyweight workouts.
However, before you do that, it’s important that you get a clearer view of the best gymnastics rings available.

The 4 Best Gymnastic Rings 2017



Capacity Load(lbs)



Nordic Lifting

PC plastic


Lifetime warranty

Pro Circle



100% money back - lifetime warranty

Titan Fitness





ABS plastic



1. Nordic Lifting - Best Home Gym Set

An ideal wood gymnastic rings will be easy to set up, durable enough to allow more years of usage and versatile so that anyone can use it.

If you are not getting what I mean, just have a look at the Nordic Lifting Rings, an ingeniously designed pair of gymnastic ring.

Nordic Lifting Home Gym rings 2017

It is a dark, remarkably made rings, heavy duty and safe for almost everyone’s workouts requirements. What I found even more incredible about the Nordic Lifting Gym rings is the fact that it can be used by everyone including the newbies and the seasoned fitness individuals.

According to many users, this ring is an absolute must-have as it supplements regular workout programs and doesn’t cost a fortune.


Made to last!
Nordic Lifting Gymnastic Rings are revered perhaps because they are far much sturdy than Wood or ABS plastic. With their Heavy Duty Straps made by possibly the finest Fitness Equipment brand, they can accommodate as much as 1000lbs of bodyweight. Remember that the regular ones can only allow 550-600lbs.
Without a doubt, they are safer to use than you can imagine as they are more than 50% wider than the common brands. They come with an adjustable Heavy Duty Buckle, a fact that makes them perfect for novices and the experienced fitness freak.

Durable and lightweight
Since they are made of PC Plastic, a material that’s widely known as possibly the most durable in the market, durability is all, but expected. You will also have to bear in mind that these textured rings are over 50% wider which make them much more stronger and durable than others.

Ease of Use
If all the other factors don’t appeal to you, Gymnastic Rings ease of setting up will certainly do. This is specifically true for those of us who are new in the world of using gymnastic rings for workouts. You don’t need to worry as there’s a straightforward and easy to understand installation booklet, complete with all the dos and don’ts.
The booklet comes really handy as some of the other brands do not provide one. It will help you set up the rings safely and avoid injuries.

A must have versatile gym tool
Bored with your workouts? Add some exciting tools to your arsenal and tune up your daily training routine!
Whether you like weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit workouts or just any form of physical exercise, having this tool will freshen up your fitness workouts. It is made for everyone and requires no special skill to use. If you love working out, the chances are that your family loves it too, get them involved with an easy to use fitness accessory.


  • Made to last
  • Heavy duty straps 1000lbs capacity load
  • Installation booklet
  • Lifetime warranty


  • High price but with a lifetime warranty!!
  • PC plastic, slippery handles

Final Words

It appears like a simple wooden gymnastic ring, but it is far much better than the regular ones. Two PC plastic rings whose inside diameter measures 7.05" and the outer diameter 9.25." both rings are 1.1” thick and comes with their respective heavy duty nylon straps. Both straps are 20.3' long and 1.5" wide and are robust enough to handle almost anyone!

2. Pro Circle Wood Gymnastic Rings

The ProCircle Wood Gymnastic Rings serve as a perfect addition to your regular exercises routines.

In fact, if you desire tremendous gains in your upper body and more core functional strength, rings are the way to go without a doubt! It is one of the few smallest, simplest and most effective fitness tools ever made for this purpose.

Pro Circle Wood Gymnastic Rings 2017

Its construction perfectly fits individuals looking for a sturdy, rugged and durable gymnastics ring. Some of its selling points include its award-winning rings, heavy-duty straps, the ease of setup and the lifetime warranty.


Heavy duty Nylon Straps
From top quality material enhanced with a solid coated metal clamps to the entire construction, the gymnastic ring’s straps are robust for any kind of job. The straps are both longer than the conventional ones and adjustable so that you can workout anywhere you feel like. For those fitness junkies who like training outdoor, the length of the straps is perfect if you need to set up your rings to a tree or anything else you can find.

Better Grip
Ok, this one is a really important feature. You probably know that some of the gymnastic rings available on the market are usually made from plastic. The problem here is that if the rings are thin and made from plastic, chances are that you might find it difficult to hold them for long.

The ProCircle rings are one of a kind. Included in the packaging, you will find two thick and solid rings with a 1.25 thickness. They are arguably the best gymnastic rings in terms of grip and will not slip when your palms get sweaty. Being thick means that you can hold them tightly and still feel comfortable, while their softness helps you workout without injuring yourself. The ideal diameter, in fact, makes everything feel just right!

Strong, Lightweight and Built to last
PROCIRCLE Wood Gymnastic Rings are possibly the most lightweight rings today. A single gym ring weighs just 4lbs, although it is the construction that makes it great for anyone weighing as much as 800lb.
Strong, thick and robust wood gymnastic rings like those of ProCircle undoubtedly last longer than the regular ones. They are comfortable, perhaps perfect for routine workout drills including pull ups, biceps curls, chest flies, muscle ups, rows, and gymnastic ring dips. Along with the durable rings, the straps are made of nylon and thus more years of usage. Don’t forget that their guaranteed longevity translates to more years of usage and best value for your investment.

Setting up a gymnastics ring is as important as how often you will be using it. As one of the simplest and most importantly one of the most effective strength tools, setting it up and adjusting it takes a few minutes. Hung it on a tree, a solid bar or anywhere and start those workouts right away.


  • Wood material for strong and better grip
  • Good value
  • Extra long straps
  • Lifetime warranty


I love everything about this pair of rings!!

Final Words

PROCIRCLE Wood Gymnastic Rings are among the most popular brands. Their outside diameter is 9.25" while the inner one is 6.75." the ring is 1.25" thick and is held by two heavy duty nylon strap, 15ft each. The strap is quite flexible and can accommodate 800lb worth of weight. 

Being a stable, powerful and possibly among the best gymnastics rings today, PROCIRCLE Wood Gymnastic Rings comes with a lifetime warranty. This ring is reasonably priced compared to its competitors and if you are looking for a versatile equipment for your workouts, why don’t you give it a shot?

3. Titan Fitness - Wood Rings

Titan Fitness also known for their affordable power rack, offer some great gymnastic rings at a really good price. I personally use these rings for 1 year now and never had a problem before.
The Titan rings are a great option, whether you would like to train for calisthenics workouts, bodyweight training or CrossFit.

Heavy duty solid wood wings Titan Fitness

Titan provides us with state-of-the-art features that make your workouts simple and enjoyable. What’s even amazing about them is, you only throw their strap over a tree branch or any strong pull-up bar, set it up and start your training.

You can practice multiple exercises like push ups, dips, skin-the-cat, front lever and much more. What I like the most is to use a resistance band and practice ring muscle ups. The band makes it easier to come up and rotate with ease.

There are way too many features to explain, but one thing is certain - it is a perfect tool for your workouts.

Some people seem to have issues with the buckles that don't hold strong enough to the straps. I never had any problems with it myself. Check the reviews here


Strength and Durability
Support over 600lbs of weight reliably, a well build gym equipment by Titan Fitness. They are among the sturdiest and are rated for simple, home gym training. Their rings are made of heavy-duty solid wood wings while the straps come with buckles for fast mounting.

Extra Wide Gymnastics Rings with Textured Surface
As suggested by their name, 8" Diameter Wood Gymnastics Rings feature extra wide rings than the conventional ones. For an experienced gymnast, extra wide rings translate to a comfortable, non-slip grip. The textured surface is highly crucial because you will maintain a secure grip even when your palms are sweaty. By the way, the Titan ones are superior in quality mainly because of this feature.

Strap Width
With its solid, top-quality wooden rings, its straps are expectedly strong enough to accommodate workouts enthusiasts of all sizes. The rings come supported by a 15ft long strap that’s just 1.5" wide. The perfect rings for anyone who does ring dips and ring muscle ups.

It is a Budget Gymnastic Rings
Compared to its competitors, the pair of Titan is far much affordable. It is lightweight, pretty much like its peers, stronger than some of them, durable and famous for giving a comfortable grip. But, nothing matches its price!


  • Wood material
  • Good value
  • Best price


  • The coating on the handles make them slippery. Use chalk!
  • Overall quality

Final Words

Its outer diameter is 9.25" unlike the inner diameter of 8.” its thickness is 1.25" perfect for a tight grip. Moreover, the whole system weighs 4lbs and can carry people of up to 600lbs. It comes with a 15ft long strap that includes two buckles. Hooking up can be done in seconds. By far the most loyal pair of rings I've ever had.

4. Nayoya Gymnastic Rings 

Being among the few, best-rated workout rings in a highly competitive market doesn’t come with luck. They are easy to mount, great to hold onto, and unquestionably strong.

Nayoya Rings possibly belong to a unique group that’s usually sought after by workouts and CrossFit junkies. From the design and the built quality, it’s easy to understand why it is so.

Nayoya Wellness Rings

I had the chance to try them out for a couple of workouts and to be honest I did not like the PC plastic material as it was getting slippery during hardcore moves like muscle ups and front/back levers. But this just a personal preference I believe. The Nayoya rings have the best features and so have been trusted by numerous customers around the world.


They’re made out of PC plastic and thus stable and more durable than those made from ABS plastic. Typically, gymnastics rings made using this material are strong enough to withstand 1000+ pounds of weight, and this one is no exception.

They are the heavy duty, durable pair of rings with a 38-millimeter strap. Having to support your body,Nayoya must be an ultimate tool. In fact, the material that it is made from and its specificationsmakes it a strong addition to your workout regimen.

One of the most fundamental features with any gymnastics rings today is if it can be adjusted to accommodate everyone’s exercising requirements.Nayoya ringsis designed for full body strength and CrossFit training and will guarantee a challenging workout. That’s why it is highly adjustable.

Quick to mount and set up
You probably fancy using gymnastic rings that can be configured with ease. It is impressive to note thatNayoya ring can be installed and used in less than five minutes! You don't need any particular expertise to set it up as everything is straightforward.


  • ​Durable
  • Good value
  • Easy to adjust


  • Slippery handles
  • PC plastic material

Final Words

Three major factors that will influence anyone’s decision while shopping for wood gymnastics rings are durability,safety and price.
Well !! I chose because of the price only!

In my opinion, I think that wood gymnastic rings are much more enjoyable to use because of the feeling you get by holding onto a piece of wood. Might sounds a bit weird but, holding a natural material like wood makes me feel great, and my grip is somehow stronger! Some people will prefer plastic made rings and that is totally up to you.

Aside from that, the high quality to allow individuals who weigh over 600lbs is clearly emphasized. All of them can be used by people of all ages, weights and fitness levels without any risk of injuries. If you can go through them once again, you will see that all of their respective straps are made to endure regular usage, a factor that you need to consider.

Finally, if you are here for affordable gymnastics rings, then you will certainly get one. Lifetime warranties are also offered, meaning that you have no other reason to doubt buying them. I don’t know the one that you will choose in this list, but rest assured that all of them are the best!

Wait ! Are you looking for a great gym ring training?

Since suspension training allows you to engage your muscles and core with the exercises of almost all types, using gymnastic rings allows you to carry out an unlimited number of same exercises.

Workout rings suit people of all ages, including kids, and thus perfect for their fitness and core development. Just set it up and let them play!

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an elite user, using rings is the best choice if you want to develop superhuman strength. There is less stress on the shoulder region, elbows, and wrists, which makes them safe for your training.

Some of the best gymnastic rings exercises include:

Pushups, dips
Chest flyes

I thought about giving you my own gym ring training and I will probably share it with you in an exclusive article dedicated to the best gymnastic ring workout. Meanwhile, check out these videos below.

We start with one of my favorite, not exclusively dedicated to gym ring training but, one of the best video out there for beginner to advanced gymnastic ring addicts.

11 minutes of upper body pulling exercises you can start right away with Dominic Sky!

The second one is a video by Ryan from GMB fitness with a great gymnastic rings workout for beginners.

The last one is about the « story » of gymnastic rings and the benefits of gym rings training with Ido Portal.


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