Best Heavy Duty Resistance Bands 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

I am sure you will agree with me, bodyweight or calisthenics exercises, are by far the hardest exercises! It takes a long time and strength to consistently move forward when exercising with your bodyweight.

Heavy duty resistance bands are the ultimate tool you need to move forward with your calisthenics training.

You can use resistance bands into your fitness training for assistance during specific exercises or to increase difficulty. Either way, you are looking for a unique way to help build and strengthen your body. Heavy resistance bands are more than an excellent addition to your workout routine and this post provides a review of the 4 best heavy duty resistance bands for 2017.

Their unique features and rising popularity is forcing people to ditch the age-old exercising norms to a more versatile and efficient way to improve their fitness level.

Yes, they come in a plethora of brands and colors, but it is their impact in your gym workout that matters. Exercise bands strengthen the body and assist you during exercises to help you build required muscles to train without later on. Other than that, you can carry your bands wherever you want. They are great if you travel a lot and easy to store in your backpack.

4 Best Heavy Duty Resistance Bands 2017 - Comparison Table









Cell content

Serious Steel


up to 150


Check Price



up to 175


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Body Bands


up to 200

Lifetime warranty

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Fury Fitness


up to 200


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Improving your bodyweight workouts

wodfitter best heavy duty resistance bands review

When I first started calisthenics and bodyweight training, I really struggled with pull-ups and dips. The solution? Heavy Duty Resistance Bands.

Exercises bands allow you to hook them on a pull-up bar and put your feet inside. That way you can perform chin-ups with some of your bodyweight supported by the band.

If you are a bit more advanced into your bodyweight workout, bands are great to move on to more difficult exercises such as front and back lever.

Your body will be able to pick up the movement pattern and then move to the full exercise without the band having an overall understanding of which muscles are necessary to execute.

On the other hand, heavy duty bands can also add difficulty and resistance to your workouts. 

For example, you can do dips or squat using a band while you are pressing up. I loved going out training in a park and my fitness level quickly increased. I thought about taking dumbbells to the park and use them to do my weighted dips and push ups. Until I realized I could use heavy duty resistance bands for the same purpose, increase resistance to my training.

Top 4 Best Quality Heavy Duty Resistance Bands Review

A resistance band offers a perfect substitute to the annoying and oftentimes boring weights and dumbbells. For your information, pull up band allows you to do almost everything that you can do with the other pieces of equipment and still stay fit. What’s even incredible is the fact that they are absolutely versatile, perfect for everyone who loves working out, including travelers, it can easily be folded and carried.

Pull up bands do not cost a fortune and will serve your requirements for a longer period. All brands are safe, and you will never encounter injuries if you use them well.

1. Serious Steel - Assisted Pull-Up Band

For a regular practitioner, pull ups, dips, and muscle-ups are part of their usual drill, although nothing helps better than using a Serious Steel Assisted Pull-Up Band. A large rubber band which loops over your pull up bar, it isn’t by coincidence that it’s among the best quality resistance bands.

Serious Steel Best Heavy Duty Resistance Bands 2017

Some people including myself, have been experiencing light skin irritation with these bands, but it is a usual thing with new bands.


The resistance band set stretches comfortably, making it easy for you to do the pull-up movements. However, what is more even exciting is how the material is made to guarantee years of usage without ever breaking.
Serious Steel Assisted Pull-Up Bands are the best quality resistance bands as they are 100% natural latex.

Six different levels of resistance to match the six differently colored bands even makes this brand more superior for your workout requirements. The tension standards for resistance varies with each color from 0 to 150 lbs.

Each band provides a moderate level of strength and, of course, you can buy them all in one set, which I recommend.

Ease of usage for your daily requirements
You will like this resistance band partly because of how it is designed to suit your workout requirements. Keep in mind that its shorter length and its greater thickness, which necessarily translates to higher resistance, makes it a superior option.

Serious Steel Assisted Pull-Up Bands allows you to select a band based on your current weight and the total number of repetitions that you can complete on your own. For optimal resistance, you can secure it under your feet or even under your knees.

Furthermore, you will love the fact that it is designed for everyone. Yes, if you are a beginner, you can do assisted pull ups with good form. For the advanced workout enthusiasts, there are multiple ways to include Serious bands into your workouts drills. There’s the two-foot front lever pull up move, and then there’s the front lever hold, the single foot bar hold, and the many other moves (I will talk about exercises you can do below).

All resistance bands are safe, unlike using weights and dumbbells. I love doing triceps extensions, bicep curls, overhead shoulder press and overhead squats with the bands.

3). Price
Before mentioning the price, it’s highly important that you understand why this resistance band set is made for you. With every purchase is a free PDF-format Band Starter e-Guide that’s emailed straight to your Amazon Message folder after shipment. You can start your training right away.

Aside from that, I loved the 90 DAY RETURN POLICY! You buy with confidence, knowing that you have three full months. Although the bands are incredibly affordable, you will find it even surprising that each one is sold separately. From the six, just choose the best band for your application. If you aren’t sure about the best one for you, tension guide and pull-up guide in the images will help.


  • Exercise guide included
  • Accurate resistance chart


  • Durability
  • Skin irritation
  • Length

Final Words

The Serious bands are reasonably priced. You can carry them along with you, do your workouts anytime, every day. What’s more, it’s their 90-day money back guarantee that makes them one of the best. You just have to take my word for it!

2. WODFitters - Pull Up Assist Bands

Call them the powerlifting bands or the best mobility and stretch resistance bands, but one thing is for sure; WODFitters Pull Up Assist Band is the most used brand out there.

It’s exceptionally designed for all pull-up activities, a reason for its fame, although, its high-grade latex material adds to its many superior features. If you are into stretching, jumping and other light exercises that include lighting light weights, bank on it.

WODFitters Pull Up Assist Heavy Duty Resistance Bands

The resistance chart is not matching 100% with bodyweight so, I recommend to take two of them at least. That way you can combine them together.


Quality of the bands
WodFitters pull-up bands rank among the leading ones concerning material quality, overall engineering and, of course, price.
It is a single loop type, perfect for those looking for a simple, durable resistance band. It is a continuous piece of rubber for infinite resistance and sturdiness. The bands are differently colored to highlight the differences in band thickness and strength.

Greater Resistance
Off the hook, WODFitters Pull Up Assist Band is a 5-band piece, but each piece comes with its particular standard of resistance. Despite the different levels of resistance, all of them are 41 inches long and 4.5mm long. You will opt for the red one if you desire to use a band that grants lower level of resistance as it is just 10 pounds to 35 pounds.
Red - 10-35 lbs and 0.5” long
Black - 30-60 lbs and 0.75” long
Purple - 40-80 lbs and 1.25” long
Green - 50-125 lbs and 1.75” long
Blue - 65-175 lbs and 2.5” long

Perfect for Everyone
Whether you are an athlete working to rev up your strength and stability or just a workouts nerd who enjoys some pull-ups, this product is perfect for you. From the red band to the blue one, the highest level of weight that can be supported comfortably is 250 pounds. That’s mainly the reason people buy multiple pieces of them.
You can by each band separately or in bulk. For a wider option of support, you better combine more than one of them.

Made for Mobility Training
Resistance bands are revered because they are portable and completely versatile, but when it comes to mobility training, WODFitters Pull Up Assist Band ranks best. Because of the large panel of resistance available,  you will comfortably stretch your hamstrings, arms and shoulder muscles, warm up and end your workouts with them.

With almost everything today, there’s a general belief that quality comes at a cost. While that is true, WODFitters Pull Up Assist Band is perhaps among the few resistance band set that is made to last, but costs a few bucks. Any purchase comes with a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, and as per my opinion, it is fairly priced, compared to the many other types.


  • Best band set price
  • Durable material
  • Customer support


  • No exercise guide included
  • Resistance chart not matching
  • Length of the bands

Final Words

About such features as quality of the latex and durability, I would give this brand a 9/10. The material is so durable that it can’t be easily deformed after repeated usage. Finally, the 60-day money back guarantee is all that we all like. Whether it is the red one, purple or blue band, I would highly recommend WODFitters.

3. Body Bands - Best Resistance Bands Set - Editor's Choice

For those who know little about Body Bands, it’s important to set the record straight. By making perhaps the finest pull-up bands, Body Bands strive to help people achieve their fitness goals without spending a fortune.

Of all firms that manufacture pull-up bands, very few of them make full resistance band sets for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. No more mistakes! 

Body-Bands Loop Resistance Cross Training Band Set

Yeah! There are many top-quality resistance bands, but none matches how Body-Bands 41" Loop Resistance Cross Training Band Set are made.

All Body-Bands 41" Loop bands are exceptionally made to withstand years of constant usage and are perfect for CrossFit, strength training, stretching, and flexibility training


High-quality pull-up bands
If you are searching for the best-quality resistance bands, better try Body-Bands 41" Loop. As flat as they come, it is majorly the natural rubber latex that makes them probably the best for your personal fitness requirements. They are versatile too, perhaps because of the manufacturer’s aim of reaching every workouts junkie.

In line with the current user demands, this set of bands features a Beginner’s set, an Intermediate set, and an Advanced user’s set. A Beginner’s set includes just three resistance bands, red, black and purple. An Intermediate set is just an advanced version of the starter one with a green band while the Advanced set includes a blue wide loop band.

All bands are 41 inches long and their levels of resistance range based on their sizes scale. It’s important to mention that all of them are designed to last. They are made from 100% original rubber latex and are just 3/16" thick.

Yellow is 0.25” and 5-15lbs of resistance
Red is 0.5” and 10-35lbs
Black is 0.75” and 30-50lbs
Purple is 1.125” and 40-80lbs
Green is 1.75” and 50-120 lbs
Blue is 2.5” and 60-150lbs
Orange is 3.25” and 70-180 lbs
Grey is 4” and 80-200lbs

Perfect for:
If you have a cross training program and would like to build more strength, better bank on it. It is, in fact, an incredible addition to your Pilates and yoga regimen as it focuses on building strength, flexibility, and endurance. You will need no personal trainers and instructors and can suitably sort out your fitness requirements.

Pull-ups are, by far, the best full workouts for your upper body, and with this resistance bands, certainly achieving your fitness aims isn’t hard. Body-Bands 41" Loop Resistance Cross Training Band Set are fairly priced and come with a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee. Along with every purchase is a lifetime warranty for all consumers.

Final Words

For those who would like to improve their bodyweight training using resistance bands, there’s no better way into that than using Body-Bands 41 inch band sets. You will like their many features that justify their position as among the best superior quality pull-up bands today and the different sets available. Remember, there’s the 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with them.

4. Fury Fitness - Loop Pull Up Bands

Anyone who knows strength training unquestionably understands the immense impact that comes with using any top-quality resistance band. Fury Fitness Loop Pull Up Bands grace the list of the best resistance band buyer's guide mainly because they are more than a regular pull-up bands.

Fury Fitness Loop Pull Up Bands

They are one of the most popular pull-up bands mostly revered by strength training enthusiasts.

They are perfect for a host of workouts including deadlifts, squats, CrossFit, and stretching. Finally, you will most probably like the fact that, although each resistance band is sold separately, any purchase come with a 90-day money back guarantee.

I've been using Fury bands for a year, I wish they had sets available for different fitness levels such as Body Bands. At least, the bands are mode from high quality material.


Quality, Size, and material

Just 40 inches when flat, 1.75 inches wide and 5mm thick, Fury Fitness Loop Pull Up Bands are made for those who love pull-up exercises. Each resistance band is a continuous 82 inches of rubber and doesn’t deform a bit. Since this resistance band set can be used by anyone including those people whose weight is over 200lbs, there’s no doubt about being a state-of-the-art resistance band.

Eight different sizes of resistance bands
Perhaps, you are aware of the five or six differently colored resistance bands as they are the most dominant ones. However, here comes Fury Fitness Loop Pull Up Bands with two other pull-up bands for extra versatility. With more options to choose from is the freedom of deciding the course of your workouts.

Yellow offers 3-30lbs of resistance to help you on your stretching and mobility
Red offers 5-50lbs of resistance
Black - 10-60lbs of resistance
Purple - 25-80lbs of resistance for people whose weight is less than 150 pounds
Green - 50-120lbs for people whose weight is 150-175 pounds
Blue - 60-150lbs of resistance for 175-225 pounds
Orange - 70-170lbs of resistance for over 225 pounds
Grey - 80-200lbs

For more than just pull-ups
If you are surprised by the eight different resistance bands, wait until you discover that you can do more than just pull-ups with these resistance bands. Each purchase comes with a single loop band, but all of them are made for extreme workouts. They are made of latex and thus stronger than the regular brands.
You can use Fury Fitness Loop Pull Up Bands for CrossFit, bench press, deadlifts, squats, stretching, mobility exercises, jumping, flexibility workouts, rehabilitation, and much more.

Price and Warranty
Of all the many features that impressed me after purchasing this type of resistance band, it is the price and warranty that won my heart. Yes! It performs remarkably well, suitable for those who like working out at home and grants more freedom than the common ones. It is made to withstand the densest of the weights without deforming and will never let you down.
But, with such a friendly price and 90-day money back guarantee, I couldn’t ask for more. 


  • 90-day warranty
  • Up to 200lbs
  • Quality rubber


  • No manual or starter guide included
  • Not sets available for different fitness levels

Final Words

Not much to say here! Heavy Duty Resistance Bands are my favorite home gym equipment. You can do a full body workout and get ripped like a god with only a couple of bands. Easy to carry and set up, from beginners to advanced gym rats, resistance bands are without a doubt a must have.

Personally, I've been using the BodyBand for more than 2 years and never ever had any problems with them.

Can you get ripped with resistance bands?

Look at the video below and tell me what you see!

Without a doubt! As I mentioned previously, bands can be used to support your weight during exercises or increase the difficulty of your resistance training. Bands are similar to assisted pull up machine you can find in any commercial gyms nowadays.

However, bands allow a full range of movement compared to assisted machines where you usually need to sit or rest your knees on which completely switch off your lower body.

Results ?! When moving on to full pull ups for example, you realize you got your lower body to carry !!! With bands, you simply put your feet or knees but still carry your lower body part. Also, you can do squats with resistance bands, shoulder presses, bicep curls and much more. 

So, yes you can get ripped with bands. But remember, training is 30% of the process, you need to focus on your diet to get the best results.

Workout routine – A short summary of resistance bands exercises

There are multiple workouts that you can do with pull-up bands and below are some of my favorite resistance bands exercises:

Front Squats with bands

With your feet slightly widened apart, you stand on the resistance band and hold the two ends using both hands. Then bring the top of your pull-up bands over each shoulder and begin to sit straight down to press the knees over your toes. Rise back up and repeat the same for 8-12 times.

Prone leg curl

You just lie belly down with the band around your right ankle and anchor the other end to the support. Tighten the core and bend your leg at the knee as you comfortably as your bring heel toward your glutes. After that, return your leg to the original position. Do so for 10-15 times.

Lunge With Biceps Curl
Standing in the center of the band beneath the instep of your left or right foot, let the other foot stay about two feet behind your body. After that, do a biceps curl while bending the knee to lower into a lunge posture. It should repeatedly be done for at least 20 times.

Resistance band pull ups
Loop the band on your pull-up bar. Insert your feetinside the loop. Hold on to the bar above your head and start your pull ups. You feel a light support, depending on the band you choose.

Push Up Resistance Band
Start in a push-up position. The band will comebehind your neck and above your trapezius muscle. Insert your left and right hand inside the loop. When you press up, you feel the resistance of the band. To make it more difficult just switch with a different heavy duty resistance band.

Gymnastic rings muscle up

Already good at muscle ups on a flat bar? Time to try it out on rings. The best way to do that is to use a band that you hold firmly against the ring (you have to hold both band and ring at the same time. Then, sit on the band with your legs forward (L-sit position) or simply put your knees on. Perform the muscle up as usual, the band will help you come up.

Other workouts worth trying out include:

1. Leg extension
2. Standing adductor
3. Shoulder exercises - concentration curl, triceps kickback, overhead triceps, forward raise, overhead raise, lateral raise, upright row
4. Back exercises - bent-over row, seated row, pull-apart, lying pullover, lat pulldown
5. Chest exercises - bench press, chest press
6. Core exercises - kneeling crunch, woodchoppers, reverse crunch, Russian twist


Alex is a 27-year-old  health and fitness blogger from France. Former personal trainer and strength coach, he has helped his clients build their own gym. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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