Best Parallette Bars 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

An In-depth Review At The 4 Best Parallette Bars 2017


Weight Limit(lbs)





Black Mountain


Stand/Dip station

35 x 22 x 37 inches

Lifetime warranty

Beam Store 

220lbs tested

Wood parallette/steel frame

9" tall x 24" long - 1.5inch diameter

Full warranty - 4-day return

Ultimate Bodypress

245lbs tested

Steel parallette

12" tall x 24" long - 1.5" diameter


Lebert Fitness


Stand/Dip Station

28-1/2"high x 25" wide


Parallette bars are probably one of the most versatile and portable gym equipment. Lightweight and sturdy, they can challenge anyone and be the ideal traveling fitness tool.

The final results you can get using parallette bars are amazing! A well-proportioned body and superhuman strength.

Parallette bars are an ideal conditioning and strength equipment perfect for those who want to increase muscle mass, develop core strength and get a chiseled body.

Dip Bar VS Parallete Bars

best dip station vs best parallette bars

There are two main different types of parallettes. The dip bar is usually higher and will give you enough room for your legs during dips. On the other side, the parallettes are positioned close to the floor, which don't let enough space.

Parallettes bars are perfect if you already have some good base of strength. They are for some type of specific exercises like tuck planche, l-sit and more.

The dip bar will suit someone with an average fitness level looking for a multi-use fitness equipment with the benefits of parallettes and a large panel of exercises.

Infact, the allowed space you have on a stand dip bar gives you freedom of movement. You can move up and down, something impossible to do with parallettes. Therefore, I will suggest to go for a pair of dip bars.

The parallettes will also suit someone in need of lightweight equipment, easy to set up and carry but you will need some serious skills under your belt if you really want to enjoy the full benefits of parallette bars.

Best Parallette Bars 2017

1. Black Mountain - All-in-one Dip Station

The Black Mountain dip stand is perfect for any type of training from calisthenics based movements to simple fitness exercises. It is rating up to 3000 lbs load safety.

Really easy to set up, The Black Mountain dip station can be carried and used almost anywhere.

Black Mountain Best Dip Station 2017

The foam padded hand grips offer the ultimate support and comfort which allow control of any exercise with perfection.

The depth from the dip station – sit level – gives you enough space for full dips and up down rotations.

The BM dip bar is ideal for those looking to build muscle, burn fat and get the six-pack of their dreams.

The Black Mountain Station is fixed structure after assembly. You will need enough space to store it. 

There is a small issue that beginners might face, the width between handles. The width is 22 inches which make it a bit too wide to execute pushing exercises like dips safely. If you don't have a minimum of strength and control,risk of injuries may occur.


Rated to 3000lbs
The BM dip stand has a load limit of 3000 lbs tested. Which means that you can safely perform any exerciseswith in mind the assurance of a high-quality product. The dip station is made from solid steel and very durable.

I personally had the chance to try it out for a month in exchangeof an in-depth feedback from one of the reseller.

I tested the BM dip bar at 200 lbs ( my bodyweight 76 + 15kg plate ) with no issues at all. At the time my workout consisted of inverted rows and full dips.

Easy to assemble and multi-function
The BM dip bars are easy to set up. It will take roughly 5 minutes and enjoy the full benefits of the Black Mountain dip bar.

Foam Grip pads
This is a really important feature as some of the other brands don't realize the usefulness of having strong grip pads at the base in order to maintain position and safely execute an exercise.

Lifetime Warranty

This is a bonus! Well, for the price it is fair I believe. As a family owned company Black Mountain offers top quality products and the best buying experience in the industry. No joke! Their customer service is unbelievable and always going the extra mile.

I have to mention that the Black Mountain dip station is made out of one and same unit compared to a pair of Original Lebert Fitness Equalizer which are two separated dip bar.

The benefit of having one and unique frame is the stability of the bars. In fact, the BM does not slip away when doing dips for example compared to the Lebert Equalizer which tends to slip side to side. For that reason, the Black Mountain are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a safe and solid dip station.


  • Will fit a 6'3 tall person perfectly, enough space for 90° elbow angle dips
  • Non-slip feet, unique solid frame
  • 3000lbs max load
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Fixed structure after assembly
  • Width between handles not ideal for beginners

Final Words

Stability, durability and quality product make the Black Mountain dip station one of the best one of the industry.

If you are a beginner, you could use resistance bands for support combined with the BM and perform almost any exercises. Bands will help you slowly develop the muscles needed safely and then get rid of them when ready.

For a reasonable price compared to its competitors, the Black Mountain dip station is an excellent choice and comes with a lifetime warranty.

2. The Beam Store - Wood Parallette Bars

The 24-inch parallette workout bars from the Beam Store are built to support intense calisthenics and bodyweight workouts practice. The BS parallettes are made from hardwood bars of 1.5-inch diameter and high solid steel frame.

No need to mention that The Beam Store company is located in the U.S and is an accredited provider of multiple gymnastic schools in the US. Therefore, the BS parallette is a product with serious attributes.

BeamStore Wood Parallette Bars

If you already have some good skills at bodyweight and calisthenics training, the Beam Store parallette bars are perfect!

Compared to a dip station like the Black Mountain, the elevation of these parallettes is not suitable for beginners.


24 inches long, 9 inches high and 1.5-inch diameter hardwood
In my opinion, they are the Roll Royce of parallette bars. The BS bars are really stable, you have a rubber under the metal bracket which make it super safe on almost any surfaces.

As a user, what I like the most is the hardwood handles. If you read my previous post about gymnastic rings, you probably know that I love anything made from wood. Grip control just feel way better than plastic or steel and sensations you have on a wooden parallettes are incomparable.

Steel frame construction, compact and easy to store
The BS bars are sturdy and solid. The frame can hold up to 220lbs tested for handstand, so rest assured you won't be collapsing on the floor.

Really easy to store and carry, the BS bars are a great tool you can bring anywhere, it will fit easily in a backpack.

Full warranty and a 14-day return policy
This is a good point aswell, if you are not satisfiedby the product you can simply get in contact with the company and ask to swap it over or get a refund. I, personally, never had any issue with them.


  • Non-slip rubber on feet
  • Wood handles
  • Perfect for advanced calisthenics
  • Compact steel frame


  • Not ideal if you are just starting bodyweight training
  • Original screws need to be changed after few months

Final Words

I am a fervent supporter of the Beam Store 24-Inch Wood Parallette Bars and an addicted user because of the great features – especially the wood handles – the price, which is average with that type of high-quality bars and the company's background.

The downside, as I said previously, is the elevation of the parallettes. If you are a first-timer at bodyweight training, you will probably prefer something a bit more elevated. Let me explain. 

​The BS being too close to the floor, they don't allow full range of movement dips for example and so, that makes it really restrictive if you are beginner.

I will suggest to go for a dip station like the Black Mountain or (insert other product here), learn the foundations of bodyweight training and once your body is ready move on to parallettes.

Keep in mind that a dip station is the most versatile gym equipment when it comes to bodyweight training. The elevation of the bars are perfect for inverted rows (back muscles) and added resistance bands.

So now, if you are advanced in calisthenics and bodyweight workouts, you will find lots of satisfaction from the Beam Store parallettes.

3. Ultimate BodyPress 

I will pass on quickly with theseparallettes as the main benefits and features are similar to the Beam Store ones. Except, one unique feature!

The Ultimate Body Press Parallettes are slightly higher than regular ones. In fact, the elevation on these bars is just perfect. It is the ultimate height between a dip station and parallettes like the Beam Store.

Ultimate Body Press Best Parallette bars 2017

The height provides enough room for your legs to pass through so you move up and down with ease. For example, you can perfectly move from an L-sit position to a full handstand without touching the floor. Which is almost impossible with regular parallettes.


12" tall x 24" long, 1.5inch diameter
Enough clearance room to move from L-sit to handstand without any difficulty. That will suit any people of all sizes. Strong and thick handle perfect for stabilization work and wrist mobility.

Sturdy and stable
The high-quality materials used to build the ultimate Body Press make it really safe to use. The T-bar feet will hold you up without trouble. These parallettes have been tested on people up to 6'5 tall and 220lbs bodyweight. Non-slip rubber on the feet, will suit any kind of floors, wood or concrete.


  • Similar build and cheaper than Rogue
  • Clearance room tested 6'5 tall
  • Pro gymnast approved
  • Thick grip perfect for control and stability


  • No warranty
  • Smooth slippery surface handles, not the best if you sweat a lot

Final Words

I actually trained a couple of times on the Body Press at a commercial gym close to mine. As I mentioned above, I use the Beam Store bars as I really like wooden parallettes. But, if I had to choose another pair of parallettes, I will definitely go for the Ultimate Body.

From all the bars and dip stations I tried, The UB ones are regularly mentioned by lots of satisfied customers. See around for yourself and check out the customers reviews.

4. The Original Lebert Fitness Equalizer - Dip Station and Exercise Guide Included

The Lebert Fitness Equalizer (LFE) is the most known dip station on the market. Trusted and used by hundreds of people around the world.

A multi-purpose and versatile fitness equipment that will suit any people of any sizes and fitness level. The LFE is a strength training equipment perfect for full bodyweight workouts. Arms, chest, back, core, shoulders and more.

Lebert Fitness Dip Stand 2017

The LFE has been built by Marc Lebert, taekwondo blackbelt and personal trainer. Here is why it is so popular. When you have someone with lots of knowledge about fitness or building a gym equipment, I can assure you that you will get the best of it! Period.

I came across the LFE during a trip to Australia. Most of the commercial gyms over there use the Lebert Fitness Equalizer. It is a really popular gym equipment trusted by home users and commercial fitness facilities.

However, there are some downsides. First is the price, for much cheaper, you can find a similar fitness training tool and made from high-quality materials. Second, some people have experienced some problems of stability.


Simple, portable, multipurpose and versatile
No doubt! Most of these dip stations and parallettes are all simple to assemble, multi-use and easy to store.

Full body workout tool
With the included DVD and exercise chart, the Lebert Equalizer is the equipment you need to start exercising your whole body. You can easily train all your muscle groups by following instructions. With enough height (28') above the floor, you can move up and down, add resistance bands for assisted dips, use a dip belt and be totally free of movement.

Supports up to 400 lbs. Dimensions 25" W x 28-1/2" H
As you probably understand, the LFE is quite solid and ready for anything you throw it. We have tested it at 220lbs for handstand push up purpose on a foam floor mat and everything went smooth.
The dimensions are ideal for freedom of movement during your training.


  • Included instructional DVD
  • Multi purpose
  • Versatile
  • Tested at 220lbs


  • Not really steady
  • Quality could be better
  • Not really good value

Final Words

Really similar to the black mountain dip station, the Lebert Equalizer is a great fitness tool for full body workouts including a full exercise guide.

As I mentioned above, separated dip bars are not always the best in terms of stability. Especially if the feet are not covered with non-slip rubber material, which can be useful when used on wooden floors.

To be honest, when I first tried the Lebert, I did a handstand from L-sit straight up and I noticed the instability of the bars.

Well, this is not a deal breaker but for more advanced people you might want something more stable and maybe cheaper.

However, if you are a beginner looking for an all-in-one equipment, look no further!

Parallettes and Portable Dip Bar Exercises

Parallette push ups

It is a great exercise to target deeper pecs and front deltoid muscles. The light elevation of the parallettes gives you enough room to get a deep push up position. Unfortunately, it is difficult to perform push ups on a dip station because of its height. This is probably the only exercise you can't do with a dip station!

Dip station or Parallette L-Sit

This exercise is a classic and can be done both on parallettes and the dip stand bar. It works on your core strength and stability of movement. Excellent if your wish is to be well-defined!

Full Dips – only on the dip station unfortunately!

Nothing much to add here because you should know what is a dip! The Dips are an excellent exercise for your chest, front delts, triceps,traps and core.

For the more advanced, the handstand push up on parallettes or dip bar is the best of all and the most difficult to execute.

handstand push up parallettes

Not convinced yet? Check the video below!

Wood Parallette or Steel?

Well, there is no real difference here both have the same purpose. What you will like probably with the wood parallette is the sensation of control and grip. Bit weird but, in my opinion you seem to better feel the movement.


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