Best Power Rack and Squat Cage 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

best squat rack reviews 2017

What is a Power Rack or Squat Cage?

A power rack, also known as a squat rack, squat cage or power cage is used for weight training.

However, the difference with a pin loaded machine or cable machine is that the weight you use is entirely controlled by yourself and the power rack acts as safety spotter allowing full freedom of movement during a particular exercise.

powertec best power rack 2017

The name « power cage » or « squat cage » is due to the 4 posts andusually two adjustable bar catches that surround you during an exercise.

There area lots of power racks on the market with optional accessories like dip station, multi-grip pull-up bars, weight plates storage, lat pulldown attachment, resistance bands holders for powerlifting training.

Below is a review of the 4 best power rack I've been using during my career as a trainer.

I wanted to start my home gym equipment guide with undeniably the most important and versatile fitness equipment you can benefit from.

A power rack or also commonly called a power cage, is a multi-use type of equipment. It will fit into any sorts of fitness routines and for any levels. Strength training, strength and conditioning, hypertrophy, aerobics, you can pretty much do any exercises with a power cage at home.

If I had to choose one and only gym equipment, I will without a doubt go for a power rack. I previously thought about installing 2 or 3 different machines like a dip stand for upper body training like dips and a pull-up bar for my pull ups and a bench press for chest exercises.

I quickly realized that a power cage could solve my space problem allowed for my training equipment. Basically, a home power rack by itself will be enough to perform full body exercises.



Weight Limit



Titan T-3 - Editor's Choice

11 gauge steel

1000 lbs

Inside Width: 42 1/8" - Outside Width: 53 1/4" - Inside Depth: 24" - Outside Depth: 32 3/4"

1 year limited warranty! Repair, replace or refund

Check price


Heavy duty steel

1000 lbs

Front inside 44" - Front outside 48" - Height 83" - Workout space 26" from inside front to rear

10-year frame warranty

Check price

Body Solid

11 gauge steel

800 lbs

82" H x 49" L x 46" W

Lifetime in-home warranty

Check price

Power Tec


400 lbs

50" wide, 50 1/2" deep, 83 5/8" tall

Lifetime Warranty on Structural Frame

Check price

Power Cage - Why is it so effective?

It is the most affordable fitness product with the best total value you can have at home for serious fitness training. Indeed, a power cage is usually coming with a pull-up bar and some of them include also a removable dip station.

For example, you could do your lower body training session and your upper body combined using only one equipment, your power rack. Sounds good eh ?!

I personally like to set it up with my gymnastic rings on the pull-up bar. Some of the squat racks or power racks allow you to attach resistance bands at the bottom of the rack giving you the opportunity to work on your hip thrusts (hips, glutes, hamstrings) safely and easily than loading a heavy barbell on your hips. Check the video below to understand what I mean:

Let's summarize that quickly, here are some of the best fitness training exercises you can do with a power rack:

Dips, pull-ups, leg raises, bench press, bent over row and more for the upper body section. Squat, deadlift, lunges, hip thrust for the lower body section.

To conclude, you can develop serious muscles and strength with that amazing piece of equipment.

Now, let's have a look at the top 5 Best Power Rack for Your Home Gym

1. Titan Power Rack T3 HD

The Titan squat rack has actually boosted its high quality given that previous evaluation concerning the quality of their products.

I was hesitant in the beginning due to the fact that for the cost, it appeared to good to be true. For less than $450 the Titan does his job perfectly, making you feel safe during your squat, bench, overhead and so on. Lots of reviews like to compare Rogue and Titan.

Titan T3 Best Power Rack 2017

Of course, Titan T-3 is not a Rogue power rack, but trust me for less than $450 this is the best power rack you can find in the market. Not everyone can afford an 800$ squat rack. We are here to lift right?!

Some of us don't have the budget to buy top notch equipment that's alright because the Titan T3 can handle easily the same work as the big names out there.

Great price but minor visual defaults

Titan Fitness delivers the best value and quality for the price. Period.

Specifications and Features

With all that being claimed, it is totally strong when assembled, and when bowing 800 pounds. The pin pipeline securities are relatively durable as well.

The new T3 offers an increased weight capacity of 1000 lbs, with weight holders included and the option to add a dip station at extra cost. Improvement within the inside depth with 36'' which enough for all types of exercises.

Most people are looking to build a home gym or garage gym for a specific purpose or a specific type of training. The T3 by Titan Fitness offers 1000 lbs which means that weightlifters of all levels could use it for less than 450$! How good is that seriously!

The section inside the cage is 36'' and keep you safe during all the main lifts such as squat, deadlifts and other compound lifts.

On top of that, The T3 power cage comes with 2 different pull-up bars sizes, one 2'' and one 1.25'' which means you can work on your pulling grip strength. Once again, for the price it's a no-brainer, where can you find a power cage at that price for that kind of features ?!

If you like to do muscle ups or work on gymnastic rings, no worries, T3 can handle it. Just make sure you have enough space above the bars for a muscle up.
In terms of stability, Titan added flat steel feet which also keep you floor free from any damage.

The Titan T3 is definitely the best quality/price choice for your home gym power rack.

Capacity: Over 1,000 lbs

HD Steel J-Hooks

T-3 Series uses 2"x3" steel tubes

First pull up bar: 1 1/4"

Second pull up bar: 2"

West-side Hole Pattern

Weight: 230 lb

Height: 90"

Inside Width: 42"

Inside Depth: 30"

Height of pull up bar: 84"Width: 46"Length: 36"

Material: 11 gauge Steel


  • ​11 gauge steel frame similar to Rogue fitness
  • 2 sizes pull-up bar perfect for grip strength
  • Tested at 750lbs
  • West side hole pattern


  • Quality of product - bolts and nuts not matching
  • Poor quality painting

2. Atlas Squat Cage 

This strong well-developed power squat rack from Atlas Fitness will help you work out safely and efficiently while performing squats, overhead military press, bench press, biceps curls, barbell shrugs and a lot more.

Atlas Squat Cage 2017

With a large walk-in space allowed that guarantee a lot of side-to-side movement for a variety of full body workouts. Additionally, the weightlifting rack supplies a total amount of 28 holes, perfect for various elevated exercises and workouts. A solid chin up bar above, with light knurling for a great grip will be perfect to add variety to your workouts. In fact, the flat chin up bar let enough space for you to add gymnastic rings or resistance bands for assisted pull-up progressions.

The plate holders at the back are fantastic for storage and security, making sure the rack won't move during your best lifts. This power rack makes your routines very easy and safe. Take your workout to the next level!

The Atlas comes with chrome layered safety pins, if you like shiny things! You will also find high-quality J-Hooks, lengthy safety bars, weight holder, dip, and also lat accessories for this rack. The inside workout area is 26" from within front to rear. Chin up bar is 1 1/4" size with knurling, 80" high, 44" broad. The floor space required for it is 59 (width) x 48 (depth).

The Atlas power rack was designed to be sold at a budget-friendly price with the best quality components. Stability and safety are 2 major points that make the Atlas power cage one of the best squat rack for your powerlifting routines, CrossFit workouts and weightlifting purpose.

Specifications and Features

1” steel, chrome plated safety pins with lock on design

Factory 800-pound max load tested

Detachable J-hooks

56” by 48” of space

Light weight and easy assembly

Heavy and solid 12 gauge steel frame

Up to 500 lbs customer tested holding weight on the spotter arms


  • Solid and safe build for the price
  • Solid 12 gauge steel frame
  • Perfect for heavy lifts, no wobbling
  • Easy to build – ½ hour to assemble
  • 10-year frame warranty


  • Cheap paint job

3. Body Solid Squat Rack Power Cage

The Body Solid Squat Rack Power Cage is a solid squat power rack wide and tall enough for free movements and lifts.

Once again and similar to Rogue's squat racks ( way cheaper!) the Body Solid comes with 11 gauge steel frame, which makes it really sturdy and ready to handle big weights.

The 4 sides of the frame are heavy duty and made for heavy lifts. The lift offs are heat tempered and exceed usual length compare to other power rack brands which make workouts safe and simple when racking and unracking the barbell. 

Body Solid Squat Rack 2017

The Body solid squat rack is compatible with most of the benches and attachments for any creative workouts.

The 41'' pull up bar will allow you to put gymnastic rings on and perform muscle ups as well which make it an all-rounded fitness equipment. As an option, you can add a dip station which makes the Body Solid a full body workout gym equipment.

The Body Solid power cage is also commercial rated which means that it can be used in commercial facilities. It comes with at home use lifetime guarantee.

Specifications and Features

Large working area

Heavy Duty 11-gauge steel frame

4-side welded construction

2 Square Bar Catches

20 adjustment levels

3″x 3″ vertical support columns

41″ wide knurled chinning bar

Heat tempered Lift-Offs and saber-style safety rods

Commercial rated82″H x 49″L x 46″W

Add on plate posts

Lockouts 3” on center


  • Solid rack for heavy lifts
  • Excellent price for the features
  • No need to bolt down (recommended)
  • Lifetime in-home warranty
  • Wide and spacious for freedom of movements


Price high but worth it!

To resume, if your budget is around 600$ and you have enough space, go for it !! Body Solid is a trusted brand and has been around for years.

4. Powertec Power Rack Fitness Workbench

The PowerTec Power Rack is solid, made from thick steel and also assembled effectively. It is factory tested at 1000 lbs. charge limit.

So unless you intend on squatting or pressing thousand pounds of iron, the PowerTec Power Rack won't let you down. Feel confident in your weightlifting training as this badass power rack will deal with any kind of heavy lifts you will throw at it.

Power Tec Best Power Rack 2017

One of my friends had this rack for over 3 years and I was used to train with him on compound moves. During these 3 years, he never had any problems with it or damages.

You will find multiple features included when you buy this power cage. One of my favorite is the dip bars that you can move up or down on the rack's frame, allowing you to perform exercises like elevated push ups or hammer grip supinated pull-ups.

The pull-up bar will also allow variety in your workouts for any types of pulling exercises such as pronated and supinated pull-ups or chins with different grips.

The heavy frame will maintain the rack stable even you try muscle ups on the above chin up bar. You could also place resistance bands for your progressions and assisted exercises.

Specifications and Features

The PowerTec power cage will expand your workout variations with the many optional pieces of equipment available such as bottom hooks for resistance bands or a lat pulldown system.However you do not need to buy any of these to get a full body workout as the standard already offers plenty of possibilities.

In terms of cost, PowerTec rack is slightly higher than is major competitors. This can be explained by the brand outsourcing most of its work inUSAPowerTec Fitness is also a provider for numerous commercial gyms which make all of their equipment commercial grade. Being able to build fitness equipment for high street and commercial gyms means the quality is definitely top-notch.

If you have the budget and want a strong and sturdy power cage just go for it! Keep in mind that Powertec offers a lifetime warranty on structural frame and a 5-year warranty on moving frames. Two-year warranty on components (Bearings, Locking Pins, Pulleys, Cables, Slide Rods) and one year warranty on Pads, Grips and other unspecified parts.

The main disadvantage is that if you are tall, you won't be able to overhead press inside the cage. You have to move the pins on the outside of the rack to be able to military or overhead press. Unfortunately, the rack cannot be anchored to the floor but if you use plates to maintain its position it will be perfectly stable due to its heavy duty frame as well.

Note that you could anchor it through the frame if you wanted to but the warranty won't work anymore!

Other than that I did not find major negative points with this power rack and recommend it if you have the budget.

2.5 welded inch 12 gauge steel for stability and quality

Frame has 22 holes 11/8 inch diameter

Gravity Locks catches and J hooks

50″ x 60″ and 84″ high

207 pounds frame weight

Hold up to 1000lbs

400 lbs holding weight limit for dip and pull up bar

Dip bars and pull up bar included

Possibility to add more options and equipment variations


  • Solid construction frame
  • Dip bars included
  • Commercial grade
  • Inside space allowing free movement
  • Lifetime warranty


  • High price compare to others
  • Impossible to anchor to floor

Building a home gym or garage gym? - Last words

Before buying a squat cage or power cage you need to know how much space you have and your budget. Make sure to take measurements of the space where you are planning to put your gym equipment and compare to the specifications of your favorite power rack.

Also, if you know the types of exercise you will do you might choose a squat cage with less or more options. A power rack with pull up bar and dip station included will be perfect if you don't have equipment already. So, list all the fitness equipment you already have and make a choice according to it.


Alex is a 27-year-old  health and fitness blogger from France. Former personal trainer and strength coach, he has helped his clients build their own gym. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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