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best power tower workout

Got a Power Tower? We got the Best Power Tower Workout For You!

What is a Power Tower or Captain's Chair?

The power tower is a gym equipment also often called captain's chair or knee raise station.

It is made of a dip station, a pull-up/chin up bar and an abdominal station (captain's chair) on the other side. The all-in-one bodyweight training tool!

Some Power Tower Brands offer optional equipment like ab straps, plyo box or push up handles.

power tower compact home gym

It is a great home gym equipment if you don't have much space at home and not a large budget either.
You can find power tower of different size,weight and price. However, some of them are really light and so, not really sturdy or made with quality materials.

Contrary to a pin loaded or guided machine, you need to use your own bodyweight to perform each exercise. If you are getting stronger and want to challenge yourself, you can also use a dipping belt with added weight.

The power tower allows you to develop superhuman upper body strength and get shredded fast – if you commit to it of course !

In short, the muscle groups developed with a power tower workout are : chest, shoulders, triceps, trapezius, abdominal, biceps.

Beginner or Advanced?

The power tower is an excellent fitness equipment for everyone from beginner to advanced. Bodyweight exercises used with it have lots of progression and regression variations so you can slowly get stronger with appropriate exercises adapted to your level.

This article is made towards power towers so if you would like to know more about bodyweight training and calisthenics, we recommend you to check The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Training by Ashley Kalym. It is a great book to learn foundation exercises and more advanced techniques.

Below are some short videos about the most popular bodyweight exercises you can include into your power tower workout

One of my favorite guy: Adam Raw

And an introduction of the XMark Pull Up Dip Station with multiple exercises

Benefits of Bodyweight Training and Power Tower Training

As you probably know, fitness training with your own bodyweight has a lot of benefits which include, uniform training, well-proportioned body, better overall strength, functional patterns, and much more.

On top of that, multiple studies show that building lean muscle mass can be beneficial for your heart, blood, hormone production, and brain.

This is applicable to various strength training methods but studies (LINK) show that strength workouts have the following benefits on our health:

  • Lean muscle mass: strength is a major factor to maintaining a healthy metabolism.
  • Heart Health: General exercising makes the heart to pump strongly and so reduces blood pressure. Regular strength training increases longevity.
  • Reduce risk of diabetes: glucose stored as glycogen and used as energy later on.
  • Mood Improvement: Fitness training, in general, reduces stress, improve self-esteem, confidence and better sleep.
  • Maintain Cognitive Function: Exercise reduces oxidative stress and inflammation.
  • Healthy Joints and Bones: Muscle mass protects joints and bones. Exercise combined with a good diet increase bone strength and density.

Equipment Needed

Obviously, you need a power tower ! Actually not really, you can still follow our power tower workout if you have a dip station or parallel bars and a pull-up bar.

If you are a beginner and you cannot do at least one push-up, one pull-up and one dip, I strongly recommend to get yourself resistance bands.

made an article about resistance bands and associated benefits a couple days ago. In short, they are really useful, cheap and versatile. A set of bands is great if you want to build strong foundations and evolve fast. It will give you an extra support for the lastrep !

Have a look at our resistance bands review, maybe you will find some interesting information.

Power Tower Training Guidelines

As you can see below, you have 5 bodyweight exercises. I tried to make it easy to understand for everyone. You have 3 different levels, light (beginner), medium (intermediate) and hard (advanced).

You don't have to follow the order of the workout at all ! You can pick another exercise to start with.

If you are advanced and don't find it really difficult or not at your level, you can reduce the rest period, increase the reps or do more sets.

You can also do it as a circuit. You start with leg raises for one set and follow with one set of each exercise without rest in between. At the end of the 5 exercises, rest for 1-2min and start again. Do it for 3 to 5 sets.


Make sure to warm up. Before any resistance training or strength workout, you need to warm your body up to avoid muscle tear and other injuries.

Here is a quick warm up:

30 jumping jacks
20 squats
10 pushups / knee push ups
20 lunges
Repeat 2/3 times
No Rush! First, if you are a beginner, you may injure yourself by going to fast. Control each repetition and pace your breathing. Good results come from good control of the movement.

I mentioned the use of resistance bands previously, it is a great tool to have for beginner and advanced levels. Bands can help support you but they can also be used as an extra resistance.
Find Below My Power Tower Workout. Please share if you like and send me your results! Free PDF Version here.

power tower workout infographic


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