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What is EMOM Workout ?

EMOM means for Every Minute On the Minute. It is an interval training style of workouts from Crossfit community. You need to perform a specific exercise at the beginning of each minute for a given period of time.

Who can EMOM workout ?

EMOM workouts like any other workouts are for everyone, from beginner to advanced. As I mentioned previously, you can use ENOM for anything.

Let's say, you are beginner, and your goal is to burn fat and tone up at the same time. Well, pretty easy, just choose one exercise like bodyweight squat and a duration, let's say 5 minutes for this example.
Your objective is to execute 10 squats for each minute until you reach the total duration of the workout. But, if you want to rest you need to perform the 10 squats before the end of the minute.
Let's say you do 10 squats in 50 seconds, you have 10 seconds of rest and then start again.

You see, even if you are a beginner, you can enjoy the benefits of EMOM workouts.

Which equipment do I need ? Can I do EMOM anywhere ?

Of course ! That's the beauty of that type of workout, you can literally do it EVERYWHERE and without any equipment. You only need a timer and your body! How cool is that ?

What are the benefits of EMOM Workouts ?

Tempo :
It is actually really different than a regular workout, you tend to think differently! In an Emom workout the clock decides when you make an effort and when you rest.

After each minute, you will be able to see if you did the given exercise at slow or fast rhythm.

emom workout 2017

For example : Let's take an8 minute EMOM workout with 10 push ups. If it takes you 30 seconds in the first minute and then 50 seconds on the second, that means you didn't keep the same rhythm.

Progression :
EMOM workouts are a great way to measure your performances every week. Remember the first example above : The first week you can do 10 push ups every minute for 8 minutes. Your objective is to do 10 push ups in 40 seconds in order to rest for 20 seconds – if you really want to rest!
On the second week, you can increase the number of push-ups for each minute or increase the workout duration.

Versatile :
You can use EMOM workout program to work on all of your body parts but also all types of training style, CrossFit workouts, bodyweight training, calisthenics, fat loss, strength training, hypertrophy and much more.

Rest periods:
Well-programmed Emom workouts need rest periods. They can help you analyze your performance after each minute. How do you feel ? How about your technique? Did your rhythm dropped ? Once the analysis of your performance done, you can start the same workout again and try to improve it.

EMOM Workouts variations

As we mentioned previously,Emom workouts can be done with or without equipment. If you are a gym member and would like to try EMOM with your gym equipment, noproblem !
Just pick one, two, three or four exercises (or even more if you wish!).

As an example we will show you a variation mixed up with equipment and bodyweight onlyexercises :

12 minutes EMOM variation
15 push ups
15 jump squat
15 biceps curls with barbell
5 barbell power cleans

The first minute, you start with the push ups and try to get 15 of them under one minute, the next minute, you have the jump squat, then biceps curls and you finish with power cleans.
You will have to repeat the whole round 3 times to get to 12 minutes in total, which gives you the opportunity to analyze the rhythm and if you feel good.

If it's difficult, just reduce the number of reps, for one or more exercises, for every minute. For example, you cannot perform 15 push ups throughout the whole workout, simply reduce to 10 push ups and try again. If needed, do the same with another exercise.

Once you got the right rhythm, remember it or write it down, improve your number of reps on your next workout.

PRO Tip: Enom workouts work perfectly if you want to go heavier. Let's say you want to do barbell back squats only. Use around 70% of 1RM for 4 to 8 reps for 12 minutes or more.

3 Best EMOM Workouts for Home

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