How To Track Macros – Free Macro Tracking App for 2017

macro tracker app 2017

Thanks to technology and innovation, it is now easy to track your daily calories intake and macros with these best macro tracking apps.

You will find below 8 Free macro tracking apps you can download directly onto your mobile phone. Our choices are based on the overall feedback of people getting results, ongoing updates and reviews.

Today, about 70% of adults in U.S are considered to be overweight or obese and so, more people want to lose weight.

Losing fat or burning calories has been a huge trend these past few years with numerous programs and methods available with varying degrees of success.

Fortunately, health improvement innovations such as workout apps and calories counting apps make weight loss and fat loss tracking easier.

Recent macro tracking apps are now « connected to your body », giving you real-time feedback and help you understand how nutrition can affect your body.

Benefits of Tracking Calories and Macronutrients

Tracking you macros for a specific period of time gives you a measurable variable that you can use as a baseline.

You can then easily evaluate your progression and know if any changes are required.

best macro tracking app 2017

It gives you all the necessary knowledge about nutrition like calories, macronutrients, vitamins, minerals,fibre etc.
Looking at food labels and understand the relation with your macronutrients isgreat way to educate yourself about food quality.

When counting calories you become more aware of what isinside your plate. You make better food choices.

By setting up daily nutritional targets and reaching them is a great way to keep you on track instead of aiming for a final end point that can lead to stress and finally notreaching your goals. It keeps you motivated throughout the journey and driven!

The 8 Best Macro Tracking App 2017

1. MYFitnessPal - Nutrition Tracker and Calorie Counter

We just love MyFitnessPal!

It has the biggest food database available, around 5 million food products. You can easily import your own recipes and customized food plans.

MyFitnessPal allows you to adjust your macronutrient's percentage ratio. You can also share your nutrition journal with your personal trainer which makes it easier to track and follow.

myfitnesspal best macro tracker app

You can also scan products in supermarkets with related nutritional informations.

MyFitnessPal is available on IOS and Android.

2. FatSecret Calorie Counter

FatSecret is totally Free.

Not really made to connect to fitness or tracking devices but it allows you to easily and effectively track your nutrition, fitness training and body weight.

fat secret macro tracker app

Similar to MyfitnessPal, you are able to share you nutrition journal with other users.

The app is available on IOS and Android.

3. Lose It All-in-one Calorie and Exercise tracking app

The Lose It app allows you to not only track your nutrition but also your weight, body fat, sleeping pattern, hydration, body measurements and exercise.

It comes with a scanner to easily add new food or products.

Loseit calorie counter

Available on IOS and Android

4. MyNetDiary

Track up to 45 micronutrients as well as different meal and snack times.

It comes with a scanner to input new food or product and the ability to take pictures of your food and add them to your database.


On top of that, you can get daily advice related to your nutrition plan to always stay on track and reach your weight loss goals efficiently.

Available on IOS and Android

5. My Diet Diary - Calorie Macro Tracking App

One of the main advantage for this app is the multiple forums available to get your health and fitness questions answered.

my diet diary

This makes it really specific compared to other apps as you can get advice from users. However, make sure you see your physician before undertaking any change in your diet.

Available on IOS and Android

6. Fooducate

Similar to LoseIt!

Fooducate helps you lose weight and track your daily calories. On top of that, it gives you detailed insights about nutrition, mood, exercise and sleep.


One great advantage, it teaches you about food additives and how to read ingredient lists for healthier nutrition choices.

Available on IOS and Android

7. SparkPeople Weight Loss app & Calorie Counter

A great nutrition tracking app needs to have a large database.

With more than 4 million products already inside, without a doubt, this is a must have.

best free macro tracking app 2017

One great thing we noticed, it is the SparkPeople community built around the app with videos and articles to follow.

Available on IOS and Android

8. Noom Coach

A weight loss app focusing on daily challenges in order for you to succeed.

Every day, you will have something to focus on. It comes with a support group,tips and daily motivation to help you stay on track.


Available on IOS and Android

Last Words

Tracking your macronutrients throughout the day will help you understand what works best for your body. It is sometimes difficult to consistently put everything into your app but once it becomes a habit, you won't have to do it everyday.

If you give your body the right nutrients, you will reach your goals sooner than what you expected. You will crush your next workout with energy instead of feeling cranky.

Weight Loss or Muscle Gain, it is really important to understand what to eat to perform better every day.


Alex is a 27-year-old  health and fitness blogger from France. Former personal trainer and strength coach, he has helped his clients build their own gym. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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